Friday, June 19, 2009

there's a danger is loving too much

Met an 86 year old man yesterday. He was introduced to us by a friend. He is an Hi-Fi kaki. While my husband was talking hi-fi with his friends, I spoke to the old man. He lost his wife three years ago. He said that he lost interest in everything after his wife's passing. He said they used to listen to music together in their living room almost every night. They were married for 56 years. All those years, they never once stayed apart. They never once quarelled or raised their voices at each other......(amazing but true!!).

He said that the secret for their beautiful marriage is that they understand each other so well that they don't do anything that is displeasing to the other. Well, easy said than done I guess.

The sad part was that even after 3 years, he can't get over the loss. He suddenly cried when he was talking about his wife. What can you say to him to console him? I was dumbfounded.

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